Quality & Environment Policy

For Global Sustainability Mother earth is the source of our lives. We contribute to society with our eco-friendly production. Shirai makes a difference to pass down our nature to the next generation by taking initiatives in environmental management in which the environment and profitable business will coexist.


In order to contribute to society with our quality, we recognize quality management as CSR, and thus we always prioritize quality to deliver qualitative satisfaction to our customer.

Our Philosophy of Quality

  1. Quality management is CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility).
  2. Always pursue the true cause and achieve "zero defect".
  3. Go beyond the expected quality. From the next processes until the final consumers are all our clients.


In order to cherish the beautiful nature and pass it down to the next generations, we take the following eco-friendly initiatives in our corporate activities to preserve our mother earth.

  1. Recognize global environment conservation as an important task and compliance to laws and other regulations and continuously make an effort to improve environmental management to contribute preservation of biodiversity and prevent pollution of the earth.
  2. Achieve the following goals by accelerating efficiency in our business operation
    • Implement through check upon substance of concern in our products to satisfy the needs of our customers.
    • Promote reduction of energy consumption to prevent global warming.
    • Control and reduce emission for effective utilization of the resources.
    • Promote adoption of alternative technology and material to reduce environmental stress.
  3. Set the goals and milestones to achieve the goals above by the effort of all employees and constantly revise if needed.
  4. This environmental policy is informed to all employees and opened to the public when needed, to promote communication with local community.

July 1st, 2020

Shirai Electronics Industrial Co., Ltd.
Manabu Goto

Our Initiatives in Compliance

We have compliance committee for through recognition of importance of compliance among directors and employees to nurture corporate culture and promote compliance activities by holding a committee meeting every month.

Environmental ISO Certification

Establish and operate environmental management system to reduce energy/resource consumption and prevent environmental pollution.

International Standard of Environmental Management System
ISO 14001 Certified Sites

Certified on August, 2000

  • Yasu Control Center (Yasu, Shiga, Japan)
  • Mikami office (Yasu, Shiga , Japan)
  • Toba factory (Yasu, Shiga , Japan)
  • Moriyama factory (Yasu, Shiga , Japan)
  • Ohmi High-tech (Yasu, Shiga , Japan)

Certified on August, 2003

  • Techwise Shirai (Fogang) Circuits Ltd. (Guangdong, China)

Certified on 2005

  • PCB Development Service Department (Kawagoe, Saitama , Japan)

Certified on June, 2013

  • Shirai Electronics Technology (Zhuhai) Ltd. (Zhuhai, China)

Green Management Certification

Certified on 2005

  • Shirai Butsuryu Cervice, Shiga sales office (Yasu, Shiga, Japan)