Other PCB

We produce various kinds of PCB from classic double-sided or multi-layer to high-functionality or MEMS PCB, everything in high quality with excellent service.

Double-sided or Multi-layer PCB

Fast delivery from design, prototype to mass production with several manufacturing locations.

High Functionality PCB


Mount the device directly on PCB using wire bonding for electrical connection and mold packaged to form a chip device. The applications of the device are light emission and reception, and other applied devices.

Electronic Applications

We have various range of products and thus meet various needs of our customers.

  • Basic PCB: Single-sided, double-sided, multi-layer (–12 layers)
  • IVH / Pad on via PCB
  • Ag through-hole PCB
  • Thin PCB (FR-4 t=0.1)
  • High frequency PCB
  • Module PCB (BGA/CSP)
  • Burn-in board PCB
  • Fluorine resin PCB
  • Others (HDI, FPC, Al-Base, etc.)

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